Education at Sesc RJ

Many definitions fit the word education. It is time’s role to path this definition.

It is collective role in fact. Interactive and social. Memory, knowledge, enchant, changes, and, joy. It is our role as human being.

In these particularly complex times, our main challenges are the reflections and answers that reduce inequality and asserts principles, allied to multiples social reorganization possibilities, from social gatherings, from meetings and paths to new sociability and protection of rights.

Beyond the area definitions, we believe that permanent education is a social action that, inspired by knowledge and research, transforms reality.

We invite you to know about Education at Sesc RJ!

Discovery our fields of work and join our activities actively. We believe in inclusion, affection and collective.

Our practices cover more than areas of knowledge. They include matters of time, world adjustments, art expressions, reflections and thoughts, the power of social connections, the intensity of experience.

Author: Rejane Nobrega