Education at Sesc RJ

Education is a broad term and here at Sesc RJ it permeates all actions. But, beyond this, we have an entire area that believes that Education is not just about knowledge, but about memory, joy, less social inequality and the integral human development. Therefore, the Education we do at Sesc RJ fits all ages. It’s a social action!

Do you know how we do it?

In Early Childhood Education and in Sesc+ Infância project, children actively participate in the actions, projects, and the choice of the topics discussed. They take their place! They exchange with other schools, go to museums, develop and share collective productions, fostering Family integration. Early Childhood Education is present in Niterói and Nova Iguaçu, while Sesc Infância, actions with children between 6 and 13 years old, is held in 11 Sesc units and keep on growing!

And when do we think of Education and Inclusion?

Have you heard that very soon we will have an Inclusion Centre?

An inclusive education is needed and urgent. At Sesc, the Inclusion Centre will host a variety of actions for an anti-ableism education. Providing assistance for autistic (ASD) and T21 (Down Syndrome), as well as trainings, Family support, social mobilization … all these services integrated to other sectors of society and in a perspective that motivates autonomy.

So, if we are going this way, we cannot help talking about an Antiracist education. Conciências is the name of our project for an antiracist education.  It fosters reflections on historical and social contexts through great names of researchers, scientists, artists, collectives, institutions, all in a great debate about racism, searching for ways and strategies for overcoming, as well as highlighting the valuable contribution of the black people to the formation of Brazilian society.

Talking about inclusion, diversity and education beyond the walls, besides the copywrite content, the language courses also promote workshops, cultural festivals, students reunions, seminars, exchanges and other online and on-site activities.

And finally, we could not help but to think about the importance of science and technology in our daily lives. Thus, we have rooms prepared for digital manufacturing activities, maker culture, robotics, digital culture, games, nerd culture, scientific dissemination projects, activities for all ages that deal with science, technology and its relations with culture and society.

Would you like to know  more about us? Access the Sesc RJ Education Portal!